Serious runner deserve professional apps

Run your customized workouts on treadmill

This mobile app is designed for serious runner wishing to train on treadmill with customized workouts

  • Use your Androidâ„¢ Mobile or Tablet to run customized workouts on your treadmill
  • Create your own intervals or any workout to meet your fitness objective
  • This app will control your treadmill based on your workout and let you enjoy your music or any other task you would like
  • Treadmill Workouts include an history and statistics to analyse your training over time
  • Your workouts can be sent to Google Fit to monitor your activity
  • You can share your workouts with your friends with the export / import functions
  • Workouts history can be exported in TCX/GPX/CSV format
  • Treadmill Workouts is compatible with Google Castâ„¢. This mean you can watch your dashboard on your TV and listen your music from your Speakers.

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